So pregnancy as beautiful as it is comes with its fair share of challenges and with each trimester you might notice the different changes that happen to your body that makes you wonder exactly what is happening to you and the baby.This articles is just to take you through the 3 stages of your pregnancy and make you understand what your body will be telling you at each of the stages.

The first trimester for most people is the whirlwind stage,a lot of adjustments to the body and the chemical balance happen within this stage.For some people they don’t even need the doctor or a pregnancy test to know that they are expecting it comes to them as an obvious confirmatory feeling especially for those who would have carried a pregnancy before.We have heard a lot of people talk about extreme fatigue,tender or swollen breast,food cravings or aversions,mood swings and nausea.What will be happening at this stage is that your body is going through hormonal changes.Your baby might be very tiny at this stage of but guaranteed major changes are happening to your body.The human body has a well engineered mechanism which allows it to respond accordingly to any given stimulus just like when you get wounded your blood knows to clot similarly the body in the first trimester has already started to nurture a life within you at times even before you know it. However please take note that not all women experience all of these changes. The absence of any of these first trimester experiences is not an indication that something is wrong with your pregnancy.

When it comes to your baby the first trimester is the stage at which they grow the quickest as they develop from being an embryo to fetus which is at about 8weeks.So obviously this is going to be the most challenging because of all the highlighted changes that will be happening to both mommy and baby.Visit your doctor at this stage or as soon as you discover that you are pregnant so that you are managed by a professional.

Then we go to the 2nd trimester which is at about 13weeks of pregnancy.At this stage you are a bit comfortable some women actually report that they feel a bit more normal than the crazy first trimester as the nausea and sicknesses come to a stop or get better.At this stage you might also start to realize some ankle swelling,itchiness of lower abdomen,weight gain and leg cramps.Guess what mommy, your baby is growing and they are demanding more room and also adding to your weight.Though energy levels are improved at this stage you will also start to look more pregnant at this point than within your first trimester.We also recommend you to start considering where you would want to give birth and making preparation for the coming addition to the family.

Third and final trimester!So,at this point you are looking very pregnant.As the baby is growing so is your tummy and the dreaded stretch marks make their appearance.A lot of women complain that they have stretch marks just at the point they are tempted to start celebrating the lack of stretchmarks lol.Worry and excitement usually takes over at this point but you just need to be clam and if you have prepared enough and are following doctor’s orders you will be just fine. If you can, use these last few weeks to get ready for the baby and enjoy some time for yourself, especially after you start maternity leave. If you have children already, you may find it hard to keep up with them sometimes. Take any offers of help you can get.As you wait for baby to come please keep following our blog!

Happy pregnancy mommies we hope this has been helpful and as always please send us your feedback to or get in touch with us on our facebook page Remember our articles are based on a generalization you are recommended to visit your doctor for a detailed and personal check up.


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